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7 Things You Need to Know Before Travelling to Rote

Rote, NTT can get into your holiday list. If you want to get there by crossing the boat from Kupang, know these things first.

Rote Island in NTT is looking to welcome tourists. The variety of natural beauty, beach and culture is a reason for tourists to glance at the beauty of Indonesia's southernmost island.

You need to know, one of the access to Rote Island is to use a crossing boat from Kupang. But before you cross, you need to know the following information.

1. There are two ports connecting Kupang-Rote to tourists

Sea Toll Port Condition in Kupang
Sea Toll Port Condition in Kupang (Syanti Mustika / detikcom)

Travelers who would like to get to Rote by crossing can cross on two ports, namely Tenau port and Bolok port.

In Port Tenau, travelers can use a fast boat to cross, one of which is Express Bahari boat. The ship operates every day with a passenger capacity of 400 people. The ship will be in Rote anchored at the Rote Ba'a Harbor, and this is an area close to the city centre.

The departure time is from Kupang at 09.00 WITA and from Rote at 14.00 WITA. For ticket price, VIP class is Rp 178 thousand, Executive Rp 168 thousand, and children (0-11 years) Rp 20 thousand. To travel to Rote by speedboat, the traveler takes only 1 hour and 50 minutes.

But if you want a cheaper price, the traveler can take a ferry from Bolok port. The ticket price for business class was Rp 63 thousand, while the economic price of Rp 59 thousand. The time to get to Rote is 3.5 hours with the stop of the new beach port. The harbour is quite far from Rote city center.

2. Ticket purchase is still manual

You who want to buy a boat crossing ticket can come directly to the counter-two ports. Ticket service is still done by Amnual alias served at the aircraft counter. There is currently no purchase of boat tickets online.

3. Choose the crossing based on needs and luggage

Sea Toll Port Condition in Kupang
Sea Toll Port Condition in Kupang (Syanti Mustika / detikcom)

You who want to bring a private vehicle or charter to Rote from Kupang, are better off on a crossing boat in Bolok harbour. Because you are crossed by ferry that is usually also used by residents to transport groceries and building materials.
So you do not be surprised, when you find the trucks loading buildings, private cars, two-wheeled vehicles meet the base of the ship. And that must be a longer time with a relatively cheap ticket price.

But you are relaxed and want to get fast, more recommended to cross by speed boat in the port of Tenau. Although the ticket is more expensive, but the time is only 1 hour 50 minutes in a comfortable room with AC.

4. Know the departure time

You need to know the schedule of the crossing boats in Kupang's two ports. If you want to take the ferry in Bolok port, it should come early in the morning because the ship departs at 06.00 WITA from Kupang.

Likewise, the speed boat in port of Tenau, whose ship departs at 09.00 WITA and at 02.00 WITA.

5. Must be prepared with changing weather conditions

The problem that often inhibits the crossings of kapa is the weather and climate. Being in the ocean, makes Rote often faced with winds that lead to high waves. Well, you who use the ship must be prepared with the risk of delayed shipping, even until cancelled.

6. Take a ride from Bolok Harbor when you want to be near Rote residents

The ferry is a mode of sea transportation which is very important for Rote residents. Besides the ticket price is cheaper, can also transport groceries and building materials.

Well you want to know what the people of Rote, just take the ferry from Bolok port. You can see what their activities are all about, what they bring and can share their stories with the people on board.

But if you want to mingle and see the tourists who come to Rote, can see in the port of Tenau. As many as 10 percent of the passengers in foreign tourist domination, and the rest are domestic tourists and local residents.

7. Before boarding the ship, take a look at the sea around the jetty

Although the port area, but the waters around the port of Kupang can be said clear. Still seen the swimming fish and rocks are in the dock.

Well before you climb to the crossing ship, narrow the water to the dock. You will see a lot of fish swimming with the Santas there.

Source: detik.com


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