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Mulut Seribu | As Raja Ampat in Rote Island

20-26 August 2019, the Tapal limit team with local Indonesian banks to explore Rote Ndao Regency in NTT. The island is an archipelago with a total of 96 islands. However, only 7 inhabited islands with Rote Island are the greatest.

There are 10 sub-districts in Rote Ndao. Each district has its potential and various tourism places.

Daiama Village in Landuleko District has one of the charming tourist attractions, called Lokonamon Beach or better known as the mouth of the thousand. Although the distance is quite far from the city of Ba'a (the biggest city on Rote Island) is about 2 hours by car, but the fatigue will disappear so it arrives here.

"The mouth of a thousand is referred to as Raja Ampat from Rote Island, because the view is exactly the same, " said head of the Tourism and culture Office of Rote Ndao District, Melkias Rumlaklak.

True, once we arrived at the thousand mouths, we were amazed. The oceans are vivid, clear and clusters of coral islands visible in the distance. Oh beautiful!

Why is it called a thousand mouth?

"The mouth of a thousand means a mouth with many islands, like there are 1,000-an island. The Coral islands there are many sizes from large to small, "explained Melkias.

Yes of course, the panorama of thousand mouths is similar to Raja Ampat. It may not be as powerful as WAYAG, but can be arguably similar to Pianemo or Kabui bay.

To surround the mouth of the thousand, there are some seaweed farmers who rent the vessel. The price of boat rental is priced at Rp 500 thousand per trip. Just relax, 1 vessel can fit up to 7-8 people.

We hired a ship, then explored the thousand mouths. Oh really, the waters make a fall in heart.

"We will see Batu Kapal," said Frengky, our guide.

In front of the eyes, there is a large rock with oblong shape. Once our ship is in the way, wait... Iya looks like a ship!

"It is said that in ancient times, there were stranded ships here and could not go anymore. So, long as the rock and be called the Stone of the ship, "explained Frengky.

I photographed each corner. With drones and photographing them from altitude, it looks like a ship.

It took about 1-2 hours to surround the mouth of a thousand. It may be arguably the mouth of a thousand as a Cape area with many clusters of Coral Island.

In the islands the island inhabited animals such as birds to swarms of monkeys. If you want to swim in the mouth of thousand, can Kok. But if you want to snorkel and need Google Snorkling Mask or life jacket, not yet available at Nelayan-nelayannya.

Who is not tempted to swim here. Who wouldn't be tempted to swim here.

Rote Ndao Government and the community around the mouth of the thousand now slowly to fix his tourism. Especially with the programs from BRI, some people build stalls and food stalls as a complement to the needs of tourists.



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