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Visit Leli Beach in Rote Island

leli beach

Leli beach - This beach offers a view with a lot of black rocks that seemed to emerge from the sea. This is the beautiful beach located closest to Ba'a, the capital of Rote Ndao Regency. It is about 5 km from Ba'a or about 10 minutes drive. The location is also on the side of Trans Rote Highway so easy to find.
Leli beach with white sand and bluish-green sea water. At the west end of the beach there is a hill that is often the location for cattle to eat grass. The uniqueness of Leli beach is a sprinkling of various shapes and sizes in the middle of the sea, which makes it more exotic.

"Leli", sounds like the name of a beautiful and graceful woman. This beach is perfect for waiting for a sunset to the west by the beach or taking a picture as a memory. This afternoon beach is visited by many people.

    Acces to Leli Beach

    Leli Beach Rote

    To reach the beach which is located at the eastern end of the city Ba'a it takes about 20 minutes. There are no public vehicles passing through this beach so we have to use private vehicles. This charming Black Rock beach is located in Baudale Village, Rote Central District. From the roadside of the right side of the beach, just park your vehicle and enjoy the charm of this beach.

    Leli Beach Tourist Attractions

    White sand beach sprinkled tiny shells along the ± 1, 5 km is framed by the central Ba'a-Rote highway, so that we can enjoy the beauty of it does not go down the vehicle. But believe me, your feet will greatly rebel what if you take it in a vehicle and do not feel a foothold on the sparkling sand of Leli beach.

    leli beach

    At the end of the coastal stretch is each small green hill that formed stones large various sizes are stacked to make one land and jutting to the sea like keeping this beach among them. The other end has a connection with Batu Termanu (the Batu Termanu area itself is one of the popular beaches is beautiful).

    So Leli beach is the close neighbor of Batu Termanu. Plus the Rock (atoll) stands irregular like the hand of a person along the boundary line of sea water. Upright standing there was hit by the waves of time to the time to make the stone slim in the middle like a fat umbrella to the tiny fish and crabs that have a lot of swim. This beach is also the favorite destination of local fishermen track fish.


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