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Top 30 Tourist Attractions in East Sumba Island

East Sumba - Sumba Island has undoubtedly kept a lot of extraordinary natural beauty. The hot and dry local climate makes the savanna desert a growing area of tapestries here. Many popular destinations in Sumba especially in East Sumba area, also have many tourist destinations, want to know more, check this out.

30 Tourist Attraction in East Sumba

1. Hirumanu Waterfall

hirumanu waterfall

This tourist attraction is located at Kananggar Village, Paberiwai District within 121 Km of Waingapu.

2. Laputi Waterfall

laputi waterfall

This tourist attraction is located in Praingkareha village, Tabundung subdistrict is about 115 Km from Waingapu. The water Laputi flows throughout the year through the expanse of terraced rocks. At its peak is a sacred lake inhabited by Eels, and eel on the lake is not to be caught and eaten.

3. Kanabu Wai Waterfall

kanubu wai waterfall

This tourism object is located in Waikanabu Village, Tabundung subdistrict within 130 Km of Waingapu. You can enjoy the flora and fauna in Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park.

4. Table Mount Waterfall
This tourism object is located in Kuta village, Kanatang District is about 15 Km from Waingapu. This waterfall consists of three parts with its own uniqueness.

5. Koalat Waterfall
This tourism object is located in Maidang Village, Kambatta Mapambuhangu Sub-district is about 70 Km from Waingapu.

6. Kamanggih Waterfall
This tourist attraction located in Kamanggih Village, Kahaungu Eti District is about 42 Km from Waingapu. This tourism object is also known by the name of Mbakuhau waterfall.

7. Laindamuki Waterfall
This tourism object is located in Pindu Hurani Village, Tabundung subdistrict is about 110 Km from Waingapu. In this object there are a flock of crocodiles but never disturb/prey on humans.

8. Umamanu Bird Nest Cave
This tourism object is located on the beach of Kiriwei village Umamanu, Lewa Tidahu District is about 30 Km from Waingapu and is a bird's swallow habitat.

9. Matawai Tourist Park
Located in the middle of Waingapu city, there is a swimming pool and two springs.

10. Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park
It is located on the southern part of the island and is about 100 Km from Waingapu. It has a unique and interesting biodiversity, flora, fauna, and ecosystem.

11. Londa Lima Beach
Londa Lima Beach is also often called Kuta Beach because it is located in Kuta Village, about 12 Km from the city of Waingapu.

12. Purukambera Beach
This object is located in Mondu village, Haharu District which is about 26 Km from Waingapu.

13. Tarimbang Beach
This beautiful sea half-circle white sand beach is located in Tarimbang Village, Tabundung subdistrict with a distance of about 120 Km from Waingapu. The beach is popular among tourists, a variety of beach sports activities you can do and here you can enjoy the nine-storey wave rolls.

14. Walakiri Beach
Located in Watumbaka village, Pandawai District, about 24 Km from the city of Waingapu. Very good to be used as a recreation place and enjoy sunrise.

15. Mambang Beach
Located in Praibakul village in the district of Katala Hamu Lingu about 60 km from the city of Waingapu. The place is a turtle laying egg.

16. Kakadu Beach and Kambaru
Located in Praibakul village in the district of Katala Hamu Lingu about 60 km from the city of Waingapu. It is also a place where turtles lay eggs.

17. Kalala Beach
Distance 124 Km from Waingapu City. The white sandy beach with its vibrant waves makes the Kalala beach a pleasant place for tourists. There are six home stay in this object.

18. Watu Parunu Beach
Located in Lainjanji village, Wulla Waijelu subdistrict, about 162 Km from the city of Waingapu.

There are high cliffs formed from the arrangement of several types of stone, and at low tide, you can approach the cliff area through the gap of natural stone nicknamed Watu Parunu.

19. Waihungu Beach
Located in the village of Praimadita, Karera subdistrict, about 162 Km from the city of Waingapu and can be reached by motor vehicle.

20. Katundu Beach
Located in Praimadita village, Karera subdistrict, about 162 Km from the city of Waingapu. It is positioned parallel to the beach of Waihungu however separated by mountain ranges.

21. Tawui Beach
Located in Tawui village, Pinu Pahar subdistrict, about 124 Km from Waingapu City.

23. Kiriwai Beach
Community in Mondu Lambi village Lewa Tidahu District East Sumba said the tourist attraction of Kiriwai Beach in the village is the main tourism object in the village, for the district Lewa Tidahu, in addition to the Waterfall tourism objects Pandjilu Watu in Umamanu village of that subdistrict.

24. Pindu Harani Beach
The south coast character that faces directly with the ocean of Hinfia, has something new. Located in Pindu Hurani village, Tabundung subdistrict.

25. Tanjung Sasar
It is believed that Tanjung Sasar was the first place where the first ancestors of Sumba set foot on the island of Sumba.

26. Kampung Kallu
The purchase center of Kampung Kallu weaving cloth. There are many home craftsmen who showcased the Kain-kainnya for sale at varied prices, and of course the various motives are very beautiful.

27. Prailiu Traditional Village
There are at least 3 interesting things in this village, traditional house, Mega stone tomb, woven cloth

28. Salura Island
Salura Island is one of Indonesia's southernmost islands in East Sumba regency. The island is 1 hour away from the shoreline of Sumba Island and about 800 miles from the Australian continent. Difficult and remote access makes the people of Salura island isolated from civilization.

29. Mangudu Island
Mangudu Island is an outlying island of Indonesia located in the Indian Ocean and bordered by the country of Australia. Mangudu Island is part of the district government of East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara province. The island is located to the south of Sumba Island.

30. Dr. Oemboe Hina Capita Museum and Reading Park
Museum and garden readings that have been digitized and become collections of Museum Dr. H.C. Oemboe Hina

Travel Tips in Waingapu
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