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Explore Tiang Bendera (Flagpole) Beach in Rote Island

tiang bendera beach

Tiang Bendera (Flagpole) Beach - When arriving at Port Ba'a (the capital of Rote Ndao district) you will see 2 very historical coral hills and one of them is stone on Tiang Bendera beach that jutting into the sea forming the cape. But you might imagine there are a lot of flagpoles on this beach, because by name, but there is no iron flagpole here, because there will only be a monument made of concrete on the rocks. It is said that this pole was used by the Dutch to raise the flag.

Tourist Attractions Tiang Bendera Beach

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This place has a resemblance to Tanah Lot in Bali where when the water is low then we can walk to the rock on it there is the flag pole that was built by the Dutch in the year 1939. The monument is still in a sturdy state even though it has reached 80 years.. Tiang Bendera beach is one of the popular places to enjoy sunset on Rote Island. By the afternoon, Tiang Bendera beach will be visited by local tourists to witness the beauty of the sunset. On the sandy shores of the beach, there are several red-roofed gazebos used to relax. When visitors come in the afternoon, the condition of the beach is receding but with the beauty of rocks with the shape and size of the variative that add to the charm of this beach. So the best time to visit Tiang Bendera beach is the day before sunset, as you can see the dramatic moment when the sunset.

Amenities and Accommodations of Tiang Bendera Beach

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There are public facilities such as lighting, entertainment stage, toilets, perimeter fence and also a destination board. Some of these facility items really make it easy for visitors. For accommodation there is no inn around Tiang Bendera beach, but Hotels available in Ba'a, such as Hotel Grace and Hotel Ricky as the best hotels in the city and you can contact the owners of Hotel Grace: + 62 81339317784 and Hotel Ricky: + 62 81339233537. In addition, there are many budget class lodging at affordable prices.

Access to Tiang Bendera beach Location

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Tiang Bendera beach is located in Ba'a Dale, Lobalain District of Rote Ndao District. To reach this place from the capital Baa must travel + 5 kilometers using a rental vehicle from Ba'a. The road condition to the location is quite varied, which is about 2 km first from the finely paved Ba'a, but after entering the village of the population and winding through the hills the road condition began to rocky and slightly perforated. There is no sign or indicator of the road to the location so that visitors should often ask the local people. More or less 30 minutes from the Ba'a, you will arrive at the flag pole Beach.

History of Tiang Bendera (Flagpole) Rote Island

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Actually Tiang Bendera (flagpole) beach is a cluster of Coral island that is about 500 meters from the lips of Baadale beach. The naming of the flagpole is backed by heroic events of the Rote people's struggle to repel the Dutch colonizers. Why is it called flagpole? The reason on the rocks in the middle of the sea, there is a concrete stone monument 2.5 meters tall that was deliberately built by the Dutch. It is said that the pole as a marker of Dutch colonies in its era. Visitors can climb the Coral hill, but have to be extra careful because of the very sharp space. We recommend that visitors use adequate footwear. If the water is low, visitors can also enter the caves of the rocks in the cluster.


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