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Explore Thousand Mouth in Rote Island

thousand mouth

Thousand Mouth - Beauty has been felt along the road from Ba'a City to Daiama village. The hill is seen with a variety of heights and filled with grass and green trees. Some of the traditional houses of Rote people who look from afar make the scenery more exotic and beautiful when the Thousand Mouth in the village of Daiama.

Thousand Mouth Tourist Attractions

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Thousand Mouth is the name given by the local community for a bay with an area of 2262 hectares, and located within the conservation area of Harlu Wildlife Sanctuary with the village of Daiama Rote East... It is called Thousand Mouth because it is a beach with many cliffs and corals surrounding it such as forming a cave and it looks to have a lot of "mouth. "

So, it can be said a Thousand Mouth journey is a journey through the sea, as well as passing through a cliff that is naturally formed using motorized wooden vessels. This trip is decorated with a view of the rocks overgrown with trees.
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Glimpses of stone like a small island located in the Bay, a small island laid in the Bay of a Thousand Mouth has a path and a way out like a maze in the flower garden, so when the ship is a boat to know which way to go and Walk out to avoid getting lost.

With very clean sea water, can be obtained by fresh fish and also a place for preservation of seaweed for the local people. Many people believe that this Thousand Mouth bay beauty is the same as Raja Ampat in Papua.

Access to Thousand Mouth Location

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From the city of Ba'a continue the journey to East Rote by using a rental car with a price ranging from 500 thousand rupiah, but visitors can also take advantage of public transportation in Rote. Travel from the capital city of Ba'a to East Rote to the port of Papela, spending 1 hour.

After arriving at Papela Harbour, visitors can rent a fishing boat to explore Thousand Mouth. The cost of renting a ship ranges from 500 thousand to 1 million rupiahs once the tour twisted a Thousand Mouth.

After being satisfied to explore the mouth of the thousand, to return to the port Papela visitors have to pass the sea off if already at 3 pm and up. This is because Thousand Mouth maze has begun to install so it is difficult to go through again.

Explore the Thousand Mouth of Rote Island Paradise will provide a pleasant travel experience. So this place deserves your treveling agenda.

thousand mouth rote

thousand mouth rote

thousand mouth rote

thousand mouth rote

thousand mouth rote

thousand mouth rote


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