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Visit Sulimatan Bathing in Edalode Village - Rote

sulimatan bathing

Sulimatan - Local people commonly call it "Mamen" is a freshwater bath located in the village Edalode, pantai Baru district. There is a pristine natural freshwater bath like a private property. Sulimatan is one of the potential to be developed as a tourist destination.

Sulimatan Bathing

This bathing place is located in the middle of the Community's collective garden or in the rote culture called Mamar, which adds to the nature and natural impression of this destination. Swimming in this place makes you feel as if you are swimming in a private pool because of the cool atmosphere and the freshness of the water and quiet. Easy access is also an added value from this destination So for those of you who visit Rote Ndao regency, do not hurt to visit Sulimatan and enjoy the freshness.

About Edalode Village

Edalode is one of the villages in the sub-district of Pantai Baru, Rote Ndao Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. This village has most of the population of Rote region. Most of the inhabitants have a farmer. The village has a postal code of 85973. This village is one of 11 villages and subdistricts located in the new Pantai district.


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