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Lets Visit Pole Cape Rote Island The Point Zero of South Indonesia

Pole Cape rote

Point Zero Rote Island - Pole Cape or the community called it Nggolo Cape is the southernmost tourist site of the Rote Island and the Point Zero of South Indonesia. This place has the uniqueness of beautiful beaches and vast land and lush trees, behold when the Indian Ocean waters are on the cliff, terrible but beautiful. So let's discuss the Pole Cape as Point Zero on the Rote Island.

Access to Pole Cape Location

<b><i>Pole Cape</i></b> rote island

Pole Cape is located on the edge of the Indian Ocean precisely in the village Dodaek, South Rote district. This cape is the last point or Kilometer in southern Indonesia, but unlike the Point Zero in the western and eastern part of Indonesia that has Tugu, here almost there is no monument or marker that indicates that the cape is the last point south Indonesia, including any facilities built in the place and access to there is minimal and will be difficult to go through the vehicle. Here there are only two pillars and the red white flagpole, the rest is only a cluster of rocks, a stretch of the southern coastline that directly overlooks the Indian Ocean.

Actually, four-wheeled vehicles or two wheels can be used to reach this place, but because the road conditions are many that are hollow, steep and very challenging, then the visitors are advised to use a two-wheeled vehicle.

Pole Cape Tourist Attractions

cape nggolo

The waves crashing into the cliffs became a distinct attraction here. There are many cliffs of large rocks around the headland, relaxing while looking at the surf of the waves is a delight in the Pole Cape. Then whether swimming can be done here?.. Well, since the Cape is on the edge of the Indian Ocean it will be very difficult to swim around the Pole cape. As well as surfing, to this day there is nothing to do.

Pole Cape Accommodations

There are no adequate lodging in the Pole Cape, so staying around the city of Ba'a or at the beach of Nemberala is the best choice.

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The History of Pole Cape as Point Zero South Indonesia

In 1992 a group of Indonesian soldiers came with helicopter to the Pole Cape then built a pillar and to the citizens delivered the place as the southernmost point of Indonesia, "acts of Isaiah Chornelis Manafe as former head Dodaek Village.

And the local people actually also do not know about their place as the point 0 km south of Indonesia. 10 years later local people then opened the road from Dodaek village to the Point Zero, since then there are only a few local tourists and foreign tourists who come to visit here.

So lets visit and enjoy your trip in Pole Cape The Point Zero Rote Island.

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pole cape rote

pole cape rote


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