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Oesosole Beach - The Romantic Beach on Rote Island

oesosole beach rote island

Oesosole Beach - Rote Island in East Nusa Tenggara province for the traveler is certainly identical to the beach for the Paradise surfer, and like other islands in the tropics, Rote Island also offers other alternatives that can be made as a destination Options when visiting Rote Island. One of the alternative beaches that can be made the destination for the friends of travelers when visiting Rote Island is Oesosole Beach in East Rote district.
The sloping and white-sand beach contours stretch almost 3 km, contrasting with the blue of the sea. Evergreen trees and coconut trees that grow along the coast make an impression as if being on one of the islands of the Caribbean region. So there's no harm to entering Oesosole beach on your traveler's itinerary if you want to visit Rote Island.

Access to Oesosole Beach Location

Oesosole Beach is located in Faifua village which is close to the Dead Sea in Sotimori. From the city of Ba'a around 1.5 hours or 55 kilometers using a vehicle. Along the way there were almost no visitors to Oesosole beach, so a guide needed to be accompanied, especially the surrounding population was very quiet. When you arrive, Oesosole beach is behind the hill.

Oesosole Beach Tourist Attractions

There are large coral reefs on the edge of the beach (but some say they resemble whales), and there are several other rocks that if low tide we can play on the reef and see many small fish and other animals around the reef. This beach is also surrounded by beautiful pine trees. There are no local people who sell in this place so it is advisable to bring their own supplies.

Oesosole Beach Accommodations

Because Oesosole beach is still quiet, so there are no nearby lodgings around the beach, it is recommended to order penginaoan around us Ba'a to get adequate lodging.

oesosole beach

Additional information about Faifua Village, Rote Island

Faifua Village is a village located in the outermost and frontline region on the southernmost island of Indonesia. Faifua is Indonesia's gateway to the Indian Ocean that is directly connected to Australia. The gate of our country is still shrouded in dark at night. in Faifua village there is no adequate electricity. Most residents have been relying on electricity supplies from the aid panel.

Freshwater sources at the end of Faifua village also cannot be utilized and managed by the community well because of limited supporting resources, such as electricity and other technologies. They have to walk to transport clean water from water sources at the end of the village for daily needs because of the lack of a clean water distribution system in the Faifua area.

In the midst of distance affordability, Faifua village has a geographical advantage which gets a higher intensity of sunlight and longer because it is located on the coast with rainfall of only three months in one year.


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