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Hundreds Stairs of Mando'o Hill Peak in Rote Island

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Mando'o Hill - Rote people know this hill as  "Ladder 300, " because indeed we will walk around 488 steps, but because the previous number only around 300, so this hill is known as "Bukit Tangga 300 stairs to reach Hilltop, and if lucky we can see Australia from the Mando'o Hill in the village of Kuli, Rote Island.

Mando'o Hill Rote Tourist Attractions

One more natural charm from Rote Island Indonesia, Mando'o Hill. A hill that has a very stunning beauty from the height. From the top of the Mando'o Hill we can enjoy the beauty of the clear blue sea under the blue sky and the cool winds. At dusk, we can also enjoy the beauty of the sunset from the top of the hill with its amazing... And most interestingly, we can do kite flying sport activities.

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In the north, we can see the view of the Hijay hills of Lole, in the west we can look at the view of the village of Kuli and its extraordinary, in the east, the Keka hills with a blue bay underneath, and the south , the fantastic expanse of the Indian Ocean looks very wide.  Fantastic.

Access to Mando'o Hill Location

Mando'o Hill located in Kuli Village, East Rote subdistrict, Rote Ndao Regency, NTT, is quite far from the center of Ba'a City.  We can depart from the city of Ba'a by using a car or motorbike rental to Mando'o Hill with a travel time of about 1 hour. The road condition to the hill is quite good but at some point before approaching the location of rocky and perforated road condition. Arriving at the location, we can park the vehicle in the parking area that has been provided. The admission fee is around 3,000 rupiah per person and 1,000 rupiah for motorbike parking.

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Mando'o Hill Rote Accommodations

Facilities around the location there are many Lopo-lopos that visitors can use to relax and rest a while after climbing the stairs. Other supporting facilities such as toilets and parking spaces are also available around the hill area. Because there are no food stalls at the tourist sites, it is good that visitors bring the foodstuffs especially drinking water first purchased in the Ba'a. While looking for a place to stay, you can look for it in Kota Ba'a. There are Hotel Grace and Hotel Ricky as the best Hotel in Rote Ndao with affordable price.

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Additional Information
Kuli Village is one of the villages in Lobalain, Rote Ndao District, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. The village has a population of about 1869 people and most of the population has a large number of farmers. Kuli Village is one of 14 villages and subdistricts located in Lobalain Sub-district. The village has a postal code of 85918.


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