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Explore Lifu Lada Beach in Rote Island

Lifu Lada beach - Rote Island is a great choice of destinations for you as a nature and beach tour on your journey, you can relax on the pristine beach of a private beach, and one of the beaches is Lifu Lada Located about 42 km from Ba'a City towards the west of Rote Island or precisely in Tunggaoen Hamlet, Oenggaut Village, Rote West District, Rote Ndao, East Nusa Tenggara.

lifu lada beach

One visitor to Lifu Lada beach, the origin of Ba'a recognizes the beauty of this beach. Although travel about 42 KM and tiring to pay with the beauty of the beach. It is undeniable that Rote Island has been famous for its beautiful coastal attractions. Meanwhile, other visitors say Lifu Lada beach offers many advantages that other coastal areas may not have.
The beach is sloping, with white sand stretching wide and turquoise sea water. Not to mention the view of the Coral hill across the sea adds to the beauty of this beach Lifu lada. More often, a small wave of waves strongly supports the visitors ' desire to bathe and indulge in the sand on the beach.

Lifu Lada beach Facilities

lifu lada beach

Lifu Lada beach is being addressed to tourists. Local managers have built supporting facilities by inviting investors to join together to generate tourism at Lifu Lada beach. As a first step, on the beach, Lifu lada is provided with an umbrella "Fish" Lounge in Kuta, Bali. And most importantly, visitors can enjoy a clean and comfortable tourism, so visitors can do a lot of things in this place, such as swimming, playing beach volleyball, or simply just enjoy the beauty of the panorama on the beach itself

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This beach will not make you regret after visiting there and will leave a pleasant impression with the family. So, let's take a vacation to Lifu Lada beach as your weekend getaway agenda.

Additional Information

Lifu Lada beach is located in the village of Oenggaut, which is one of the villages in West Rote district, Rote Ndao District, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. This village is one of 8 villages and subdistricts located in West Rote Sub-district.

Location Access to Lifu Lada Beach

The road to Lifu Lada beach is quite good, but it will be a little bad when approaching the beach. The local government said that about 2 km of road from Nggefaron until Touton between the village of Oenggaut and the village of Boa was repaired and widened to remember that this area is a tourism area so it is worth noting to make Comfort and beauty for the beach traveler Lifu lada


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