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Laviti Beach Honeymoon Destinations | Explore Rote Island

Laviti Beach - This beach has sharp coral cliffs that seemed to be a fortress to protect Laviti Beach from the offshore sea. Offers superb beach views. The sand is white with crystal clear sea water, the scenery is reflected with the reflection of sunlight from the surface of the sea water. Surrounding it, the sharp cliffs make the beach more enchanting.

laviti beach

Access to Laviti Beach location

Laviti Beach is in the village of Oeseli, Rote Barat district. If visitors come from outside the area or overseas (e.g. Australia) can use airplane mode to go to Rote, but you have to transit first from outside the island to Kupang. If you've arrived in Kupang then go to Rote Island.
In addition to the aircraft, visitors can also use the Sea Transportation Service using a fast ferry boat that can take you from Kupang to Rote Island. It would actually be faster if the trip to Rote Island was by plane, but flights to Rote Island were not always there at all times, only at certain hours.

Laviti Beach Attractions

Laviti Beach is a hidden paradise in the Rote, the beach is between the two ends of the island protecting it from the sea, the waves are calm with a stretch of white sand clean and sparkling by sunlight rays make this beach more enchanting. This pristine beach has a calm atmosphere, moreover there is a panoramic view of the cliffs that seem to be the charming pelindunng Laviti beach.

Laviti Beach has a characteristic that is quiet and not too crowded. The view of Laviti Beach is very beautiful and beautiful. The stretch of white sand combined with the harmonious blue of the sea water will make your inner atmosphere calm and all the fatigue is lost.

laviti beach

Rote Island does save a lot of beautiful scenery, one of them is this beach. For those of you who want to enjoy the honeymoon, Rote Island with all its beauty and tranquility and its origins are highly recommended. Or if you are tired of having a vacation in the place you can put Rote island into your list.

Explore Rote Island

Beyond Beauty, Laviti Beach is also still quiet from visitors, so you will feel the beach like a private beach, of course such thing has been very rare now found. In addition, the residents around Laviti Beach are also very friendly to visitors so that it will make the atmosphere of visit more comfortable in Laviti Beach.


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