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Exploring Falii and Oemau Spring in Rote Island

Explore Rote Island - Tourist destinations in Rote Island are very diverse, for the beach has been very famous even for surfers, the beach in Rote is like paradise. But besides the beach there is a spring water that is also famous for local people as a tourist spot. Falii Spring and Oemau Spring are two famous tourist attractions among the tourist place in the Rote Island.

Falii Spring

falii spring tolama

Incredible scenery in the Falii Spring the clarity of water shows a natural bluish pond bottom. Look at the brownish-colored walls, truly extraordinary, tergeeus like an ice wall. Falii Spring is a natural pond in Tolama village, or about 38 minutes from Nemberala beach and 1 hour from Ba'a city. Just like the Oekode waterfall, to go to Falii Spring, you need a guide from the locals to reach this location, because there are no adequate road instructions.

Oemau Spring

oemau spring

Oemau Spring - A spring that is close to the center of Ba'a. The spring is a clear pond with a depth of about 1.5 meters. Because of the crystal clear, we can see the rocks at the bottom of the pond very clearly. This spring is a kind of oasis for the residents, because Rote and Nusa Tenggara Islands are generally famous for the difficult areas of water. Residents utilize these springs for bathing, washing and drinking water. In this spring, there are small fish.

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Oemau Spring were in Mokdale village and Oelunggu, the Lobalain sub-district of Rote Ndao District. About 30 minutes from the town of Ba'a. The spring of Oemau is a spring that never recedes even as the dry season arrives. Oemau spring have clean and fresh water. Here you can place swimming freely and also can be used for foot therapy Karna there are many small fish.

So when you Explore Rote island, don't forget to also come to the tourist springs in the rote, and enjoy your trip on the beautiful rote island


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