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Explore The Oeseli Beach in Rote Island

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Oeseli Beach - Near to Nembrala and Bo'a Beach which is famous for the international waves among the surfers, Oeseli beach is even quieter with the waves are not large so it is very convenient to do swimming activities.

Oeseli Beach Tourist Attractions

oeseli beach

When arriving at Oeseli beach, the first thing you will come across is a giant rock pit with a large hole. On this beach are many decorated with rock rocks that overlap and look very extraordinary. Also with white sand and very clear water, clean and mangrove trees are also coconut trees.

oeseli beach

At Oeseli beach visitors can also rent traditional sampan to explore deeper the beauty of Oeseli beach, because behind the coral hills that surround Oeseli beach there is a lagoon that locals often called Nirvana.

Access to Oeseli Beach Location

This tranquil beach is located in the village of Oeseli, south-west Rote district. It is located on the edge of the island making this beach is slightly hidden so the location is not quite known to many people.

From the city of Ba'a to Oeseli beach visitors can rent a car or can also rent a ojek with a fee ranging from 100,000 to 150,000 rupiah, with a travel time of about 3 hours. The road condition to this beach is varied. Half way is from Ba'a to Oenitas village in West Rote District, the condition of smooth paved smoothly. Furthermore, from Oenitas village to Nemberala to Oeseli, the condition of the road is gravel and slightly perforated.

oeseli beach

Along the road to the location will be found many coral hills overgrown with dwarf trees that look like bonsai plants. Soon you will arrive at a location surrounded by rocks resembling a large gate. Before you will pass through a village filled with piles of seaweed that is being dried along the way.

Oeseli Beach Accommodation

For accommodation not available in Oeseli, so who want to stay overnight can go to Nembrala because there are more accommodation options with a varied price. And for supporting facilities around the beach area, there are only a few small stalls in the village that sells drinks and snacks.

Information About Oeseli Village

Oeseli Village is a village in the outer region as well as a leading guard in Indonesia's southernmost island. Oeseli becomes Indonesia's gateway to the Indian Ocean directly connected to Australia. Because of its location on the outskirts of the sea, almost the majority of the people of Oeseli village are a seaweed farmer and also make sugar water.

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oeseli beach

oeseli beach


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