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nuse island

Nuse Island - The beach is far from the city and has an exotic star sprinkles in the evening. Sunset view in the afternoon adds an exotic atmosphere on the beach adjacent to the Rote Island. Nuse Island is a small island surrounded by a very clean white sandy beach. During the day, the sand of the beach is sparkling and beautifully regarded.

Nuse Island Tourist Attractions

Nuse Island name is probably for some people very unfamiliar, but for the inyernasional tourists who have stopped there will make it remember how beautiful one of the islands in NTT.

nuse island

Clear water, beautiful corals, fish are still very abundant type. And the most popular thing on Nuse Island is Snorkeling, Diving, because the water is clear and the wave is quiet. And on the island of Nuse you can find a nice stretch of flower fields to view.

Flower Field Nuse Island

Nuse Island Facilities

The facilities available on the island are still minimal, this is because Nuse Island is still very quiet from visitors, as well as lodging, there is no adequate accommodation in the island of Nuse. For an adequate accommodation visitors can stay around Nemberala village.

nuse island

Additional Information of Nuse Island

By Geographically, Nuse Island is in the southwest of Rote Island. If tourists stay at Nemberala, then head to Tongga Beach which takes approximately 30 minutes. The road is a street in the countryside that there are still many rocks and padas that are dusty white. After reaching Tongga Beach, the trip continues by riding a small boat that can be rented there. Along the way from Tongga Beach to Nuse Island will be served a beautiful scenery. Seawater that is not too deep makes the seabed visible clearly.


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