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Explore The Bolok Crystal Cave in East Nusa Tenggara

Bolok Crystal cave - Kupang is a city close to Rote Island and Sumba Island is known for its natural beauty and its beautiful underwater charm, and one of them is the Bolok Crystal cave. The cave called the locals as the Amnesi Cave is famous for its crystal clear water. In addition, the sunlight that enters from the mouth area of the cave makes the cave as radiant as a crystal.

Crystal Cave Attractions

kupang crystal cave

Exactly 2009 Crystal cave tourism was opened, since then the Crystal cave in Kupang increasingly famous. The origin of the Crystal cave is estimated that this cave has been discovered since World War II.  "The cave used to be a hiding place for Japanese troops and to store their belongings," the story of one of Crystal cave guards.

Uniquely, because in the cave decorated various stalactites and stalagmite clear color, then the cave is finally named the Crystal cave. Not only that, before the name Crystal cave, this cave is named Amnesi. This naming is derived from the surname of the ancestors who found the cave.
kupang crystal cave

Before becoming a tourist attraction, according to one guide, Crystal cave is a source of water of the surrounding community and also often used as a means to wash. In addition, it is also said that the Crystal cave is actually a ancestral garden of citizens named Christofer Neno.

The water in the cave was used by the local residents as one of the sources of drinking water. Even for those who want to drink water from this cave, they should not talk when entering there, because if drinking while speaking, the water that is drunk will be salted again. Regardless of the true or not the story, this cave does have extraordinary beauty that is a pity if missed.

Access to Crystal Cave Location

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Located in Bolok village, West Kupang, visitors can drive up to 45 minutes from Kupang City center to Bolok Village (about 13 km), West Kupang District, Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Arriving at Bolok village, drive your vehicle towards Bolok Harbor. Arriving at the T-Junction, take the road straight towards the Bolok Water police station, which is about 1 km from Bolok port.

If you've seen the water Police office, that means visitors are getting closer to the location of Crystal cave. Park your vehicle not far from Polair, and you just walk to the distance of 100 m by walking towards the cave.

kupang crystal cave

During the journey to the cave, visitors will pass through the path of dominated land, rocks and barren trees. After walking for about 5 minutes, then visitors will find the mouth of the cave which is wide enough and inhabited by many bats, it means visitors arrived already arrived in Crystal cave. To be able to enter the cave visitors also need to charge a myriad of the cave guards, considering that this cave is in the garden of residents and still managed independently.

Next to reach the base of the Crystal caves, visitors have to trek down a slightly slippery karst rocks. This condition is also complicated by cave conditions are still minimal illumination. So you are required to go down while holding the flashlight. Must be extra cautious.

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The road or route to the cave is quite difficult because visitors will not find any clue, so it is good for visitors to rent a local guide to achieve it. Just keep in mind, the facilities in Crystal Cave are still very minimal and what is. Outside the cave there is only one simple, multi-functional furrows. However, there are already guards who can be asked please. Don't forget to give tips as a thank you. The cave is open from morning until evening.


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