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Exotic Dead Sea on the Island of Rote

Rote Dead Sea - here are only two dead sea in the world, Jordan and Rote... Yes, when you travel to Rote Island don forget to visit Dead Sea in the village of Sotimori. The Dead Sea is a lake and some small island clusters lined up in the middle of the lake, overgrown with weeds and bonsai-like trees that shake spoiled when swept through the wind.  The Dead Sea exotics are increasingly tempting when the golden froth to the shore of the lake is struck by the wind that is sowing.

Access to Rote Dead Sea Location

The Dead Sea is located in the hamlet of Supuk, the village of Sotimori, Landu Leko District, Rote Ndao Regency, East Nusa Tenggara province. Thither is easy. Can be reached by means of sea transportation, can also by air.

Through the sea line, can use the speed boat from the port of Tenau Kupang to the port of Ba'a Rote, about 2 hours of road with a fee ranging from Rp 130 thousand to Rp 200 thousand per person. And for air transportation there are flights to Kupang Rote from Eltari Airport (KOE) to Airport D. C Saudale (RTI) Fly once every day, reached within 30 minutes.

After that visitors can use rental car or motorcycle with a relatively cheap cost. The residents around are always friendly to every guest who comes. So don't worry, you are safe.

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Rote Dead Sea Accommodation

Until now there is no lodge near Dead Sea, because the Dead Sea is still a new tourist place. But the visitors can stay around the beach of Nemberala, there are many places that are safe and comfortable.

Rote Dead Sea Tourist Attractions

The atmosphere is so silent and almost no sound other than the singing of the wild birds that live freely in nature. Around the Dead Sea thrives mangrove trees (mangrove) that always give coolness in the middle of the most beautiful day.

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For visitors who want to enjoy the sensation of barefoot walking on the Pebble Stone, the Dead Sea is the right choice. This time it was not a walk on the ordinary stone, but walked over the clamshell. However, the Dead Sea is dominated by shells on a stretch of sand.  Traveling to the sea is dying back to nature. Enjoy peace in silence. Occasionally the noise of the sea bird's wings harks his imagination.

Additional Informations

Sotimori is one of the villages in East Rote district, Rote Ndao District, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. This village has most of the population of Rote region. Most of the inhabitants have a farmer. This village is one of 10 villages located in East Rote Sub-district. The village has a postal code of 85974.


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