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10 Most Famous Tourist Attractions In Rote Island Indonesia

rote island tourism
Rote Island Tourism

Rote Island | East Indonesia is very famous for its natural tourism which is still very natural, if you know Bali Island and Lombok Island, then come visit Rote Island in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, at the southernmost tip of Indonesia. Rote Island, also known as Roti Island, is an island consisting of 96 small islands and 6 of them are inhabited by many islands which save natural beaches and other natural and frequent tourism, so far only local tourists often come to Rote Island.  what are the famous tourist attractions in Rote Island, without further ado princeroteisland.com makes a compilation of 10 most fomous tourist attractions in Rote Island Indonesia, check this out.

Bo'a Beach - West Rote

boa beach
This is a paradise for surfers in the Rote Island, the waves on Bo'a beach are very awesome. Bo'a Beach is on the southernmost island of Indonesia in the village of Bo'a, West Rote sub-district, Rote Island. On Bo'a beach you will feel a peaceful atmosphere, because here visitors are not too many, and the sand on the Bo'a beach is very white and clean. For you surf lovers come in August or October because the waves in that month are very high up to 7 meters, Bo'a beach will be like a private beach for you guys, because there is no lodging around the beach, so if you surf on Bo'a beach then stay around Nembrala Beach, where is the Nembrala Beach?

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Nemberala Beach - West Rote

nembrala beach
Still in the same area about 5 kilometers away is Nemberala Beach. If you surf on the beach Bo'a, then stay at Nemberala Beach because there are many lodging accommodations here like resorts, cottages and several other adequate lodging here. Nemberala Beach also has white sand and beautiful sunset views, while around the coast there are some farmers who cultivate seaweed, and the people here are very friendly.

Lutu Babatu Beach - West Rote

lutu babatu beach
Different to the two beaches mentioned earlier, Lulu Babatu Beach is still relatively quiet because it has not been officially opened by the local authorities, but if you want to come here, please just come. The sea conditions on this beach are very clear, and the sand is very fine, the main point when you come here is that you will feel this is your private beach.

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Oesosole Beach - Each Rote

oesosole beach
If you want to honeymoon, oesosole Beach is a romantic choice. Right on the edge of the beach there is a giant stone similar to the shape of a heart, say your feeling is near that rock, and you will be like princes and princesses on an island. In addition, on the beach oesosole is perfect for sunbathing because the passages on this beach are very soft and white, around the beach there are also many pine trees and coconuts, some tourists say the beach is oesosole like the beach in the film pirates of caribean, OMG just come.

Inaoe Beach - South Rote

inaoe beach south rote
Some people call it "Virgin beach", Inaoe beach is a relatively new place for tourism, very few tourists come here. The location of this beach is close to the open ocean, but don't think there will be big waves like in Tanjung Aan, Lombok or Krui, Lampung, because this beach is covered in high cliffs, so the waves here are very friendly to visitors. Location of Inaoe beach in Inaoe Village, South Rote.

Batu Termanu - Central Rote

batu termanu central rote
Batu Termanu is a beach or sea that has many large rocks and forms the mainland of the island.Batu Termanu is geographically located to the east of Ba'a, the capital city of Rote Island.

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Some tourists said Batu Termanu looks like a scene on New Zealand in the movie The Lord of The Ring. It's simple to reach Batu Termanu, you can go to Ba'a Harbor, then cross to Batu Termanu for about 30 minutes. advice if you want to come here come in the afternoon, it's awesome.

Nirwana Lagoon - Rote Ndao

Nirwana Lagoon Rote
This is real lagoon. Nirwana lagoon is a closed waters behind a group of corals, the water in this lagoon is green, blue and Tosca on the surface to the bottom of the lagoon. To get to Nirvana Lagoon you can rent a boat from Oeseli Laku Beach to climb a large rocky hill.

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In Nirvana Lagoon there are not many visitors who visit because of its extreme location. So this tourist place is suitable for you fans of extreme nature tourism.

Air Falii Desa Tolama - West Rote

air falii desa tolama west rote
If we have discussed a lot of sea or beach, then let's now discuss the waters on the mountain that is Air Falii. This is the water in the Air Falii Cave in Tolama village, West Rote District. The stone in this cave is truly amazing, imagine there are many combinations of red, orange and blue and green and many more in this very clear water, and the air around Air Falii is very cool. To get to the Air Falii Cave, a guide from the local residents needs to be accompanied, because the direction of the road is quite difficult. If not you can get lost your way.

Oekode Waterfall Daleholu - South Rote

oekode waterfall south rote
Now let's move to the far end of the area in the south of Indonesia that is South Rote sub-district. Visitors in the Oekode waterfall are not as many as beach visitors in the rote, but the nature of the Oekode Waterfall is very popular now, because besides its extreme location, the atmosphere around the Oekode Waterfall is also very amazing, the water is very clear, my best friend is a TV host This blog admin once captured a video of his trip to the location of the Oekode Waterfall on the Facebook Fanpage of Rote Island Tourism.

Titik Nol (Last Kilometer) Indonesia - South Rote

  • titik nol rote

This is the last place in the south of Indonesia, which is in the South of Rote - the island of Rote. When you come here don't be surprised if there are a lot of big karas cliffs with hard waves, because this is where the Indian Ocean extends. But unlike Sabang and Sarauke who have a monument as a marker of Kilometer 0, at Zero Point Rote the monument is not there, well even so the scenery at Zero Point Rite is the best until any time. When you visit the rote, then come to this Zero Point, the most Ujung region in Indonesia. It's nice to spend time here. Send feedback History Saved Community 


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