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Top 4 Best Surf Spots in Rote Island

rote island surf

Rote Island Surf - Tourism in Rote Island is now famous for surfers, one of the evidence is Nemberala Beach is chosen as one of the favorite tourist destinations of the most popular surfing places organized by the Ministry of Tourism and creative economy year 2016.

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Rote Island Surf

Nevertheless, many tourism places scattered on this island that not all can be known by the tourists, because of the lack of information on tourism places in this district. But there are several beaches besides Nemberala beach that becomes a favorite surf spot for surfers, where it is, Chek this out.

Surf Bo'a Beach Surf

The perception that has been a widely known place for surfing is Nembrala. But the truth is Bo'a Beach. The beach is about 5 km from Nembrala Hamlet to the southwest. Bo'a Beach itself when compared to Nembrala not so well maintained. In the area of Bo'a Beach there are no inns. The area along Bo'a Beach was while in the development process.

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Besilau T-Land Rote Surf

Main wave of Rote Island. T-Land or to the locals, it’s known as Besialu it's one of the most consistent and longest left in the Indonesian archipelago. Surf at all the ups and downs and breaks from the 2ft-15ft it off the coast from April to December. T-Land is softer and easier to access. The similarity lies in the mechanical characteristics of the peeling wave of more than 300 meters on the reef-Break and breaks into 4 parts that allow the Take-off in various parts of the wave while spreading the crowd out. Intermediate to advanced surfers.

Dana Island Rote Surf

Pulau Ndana includes five outlying islands in East Nusa Tenggara province or one of the 92 outlying islands of Indonesia. Dana is an exotic island, now uninhabited and only guarded soldiers located in the south of Nemberala, need boats to access it and take about 30 minutes. There are two main waves, left and right breaking on both sides of the entrance channel gap in the coral reefs. The two are almost identical twins, but generally half the size of T-Land. While the wave size of Range 4-6ft with advanced competence, and tidal waves are generally, although in larger swell can break

Do'O Island Rote Surf

Do'O Island is a well-inhabited island. The location is about 10km from the beach at Nemberala with a long cruise it takes about 45 minutes to get there by boat. Once there, you'll find the right cavity, breaking the end of a sharp, shallow reef. Because of the exposure, it is best to surf with bright winds or when it is large and landline in the Nemberala, so is mainly an off-season place, and rarely surf. For you an advanced surver can try the waves in Do'o that have the size of waves range: 4-15ft


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