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Nirwana Lagoon The Virgin Rote Island

nirwana lagoon

Nirwana Lagoon - Like a beautiful girl who doesn't know the outside world, so the villagers term, local residents often call her Virgin Rote. Interested in this attraction, stop by Rote Island to visit Nirwana Lagoon. Nirwana lagoon (Telaga Nirwana) is one of the exotic lake near beach that has a uniqueness on the lips, namely a heart-shaped stone slab. The heart-shaped stone is shrouded in white snow-style sand at the bottom of clear water to the bottom, because the water is not deep. Only the waist of an adult. Let's talk about this Nirwana Lagoon.

Access to Nirwana Lagoon location

Nirwana Lagoon is located approximately 200 meters from the shore of Buedale, or precisely in Kotalai Hamlet, Oeseli Village, Rote Barat Daya District, Rote Ndao Regency, Rote Island, or about 35 kilometers from the town of Ba'a city to Oeseli Village. You can rent a fishing boat at a cost of IDR 25,000 to commute and paddle with a distance of approximately 200 meters or 10 minutes from Buedale beach to the lips of the lake. There are lots of rocks, trees and mangroves around Nirwana Lagoon.

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Nirwana Lagoon Tourist Acttractions

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Nirwana Lagoon is surrounded by rocks and trees that make Lake Nirvana at first glance look like a small island, and also there are heart-shaped rocks near the beach making this beach not only beautiful but also unique. And of course, because the water is calm and not only limited to the waist of an adult, this beach of Nirvana is safe for swimming and relaxing.

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Nirwana Lagoon Accommodations

Well because there is no lodging or restaurant yet, there are no lodging facilities. This place is still natural, there are no commercial facilities here. It is recommended, if you want to visit, you bring lunch to eat at the site.

The Legend of Nirwana Lagoon Rote

There are legends and stories of local residents. The myth, supposedly in the past, Nirwana Lagoon was the place of prayer requests by the fishermen before going out to sea to search the high seas. There, the fishermen will pray so that they are protected and protected from danger, and can go home with abundant fish catches.

So guys, let's visit Nirwana Lagoon, the natural lake with a beautiful and soothing atmosphere will be found when you look at the lake with this charming green nuance. Like a beautiful girl who doesn't know the outside world, so the villagers term it.

Additional Information

The term lagoon began in 1769. Adapted from the Venetian lagoon (cf. Latin lacuna, 'empty space'), which specifically points to the Venetian barrier, the sea air dam, which is protected from the Adriatic Sea by the Lido coastline (see Laguna Venice)). The lagoon points to a coastal lagoon formed by sand or coral on a shallow beach and an atoll lagoon formed by coral growth.

Nirwana Lagoon is in Oeseli village, kaampung which has many favorite tourist attractions for the people of Rote Ndao Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT) for the weekend. The beaches in Oeseli village are still very natural, clean and unpolluted and there are still few tourists visiting. Some residents In the village or village of Oeseli are seaweed farmers, you can see the seaweed clothes along this village.


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