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Surf Paradise at Nemberala Beach Rote Island

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Nemberala Beach - The Rote Islands (also known as Rote Ndao) are the southernmost islands of East Nusa Tenggara province. Rote Island is comprised of 96 islands with 6 islands inhabited.

As an archipelago, coastal tourism is a mainstay for Rote Ndao district. From all the beaches in Rote, Nembrala Beach is the most desirable beaches of foreign tourists. Nemberala Beach is geographically very similar to Kuta beach in Bali.

Nemberala Accommodation

Nemeberala Beach is also a major tourist attraction for Australians visiting Rote Island because nembrala Beach has a wave reel that is suitable for surfers. Every September is always held a national and international Surfing Festival in the framework of increasing tourism promotion. There are also adequate accommodation facilities on the beach in Nemberala.

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Access to Nemberala Beach

To reach Rote Island you can use the flight from the Kupang El Tari Airport to the D.C. airport of Rote Saudale about 20 minutes away by airline Wings Air which has been serving this route daily with flight hours 15.05 Wita. Or you can also use Bahari Express from Port Tenau Kupang to Baa port around 1 hour 45 minutes. Or you can also use ASDP ferry via Bolok Port to Rote New coast port where the journey takes about 3-4 hours. After you step on foot in Lobalain subdistrict, the trip can be continued using two or four-wheeled vehicles about 1.5 hours.

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Tourist Attractions in Nemberala Beach

Nemberala Beach has international waves so no wonder many foreign tourists visit it. Even from August to October, the waves on this beach can reach a height of 7 meters, and for the waves hunters from all over the world who come to Indonesia, Nemberala Beach has become one of the magnets that attracts them to challenge one One of the best waves in Indonesia.

nenberala beach surf

The ambiance of Nemberala beach, still far from the crowds. Nembrala is said to be the Kuta of Rote Island with its white sand. Nemberala Beach is quite satisfying to the eyes with its blue sea water that is debur pulled over to the white sands of long beaches. Tourists who visit in Nemberala village spend weeks and months just to enjoy the game of sea water waves.

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Nemberala Beach Accommodations

Around Nemberala Beach, there are several lodging options, ranging from hotels to homestays with a rate of tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars per night, recorded more than 14 lodging available.

nemberala beach surf

Nemberala village also depicts its own beauty. In addition to offering views of the beach with towering coconut palms and seagsified foliage. Really spoil the eyes. Make it fresh and peaceful.


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