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How to Get to Rote Island from Australia and Other Countries

  • how to get to rote island from australia

Rote Island is an archipelago located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara which is the same province with Kupang City. Actually by geographical, Rote island which is the southernmost region of Indonesia is very close to Australia, especially the city of Darwin, Northern Territory and Perth, Western Australia.... But even though Rote Island close to Australia, you cannot order a flight ticket directly to the airport at Rote Island, because first, you must transit to the international airport in Kupang City.🛬 And this applies equally to all flights from other countries.🇦🇺🇸🇬

Note: Transit in this articel discussion is not in one flight ticket or one flight time.💡

How to get to Rote Island from Australia 🇦🇺🇮🇩

Rote Island International Airport ??

If you are from Australia or outside Indonesia, the available flights are not directly to Rote Island but to Kupang city first, this is because in Rote Island There is no international airport available yet and only Kupang City has an international airport that is El Tari International Airport, Kupang. ✈ this is the only one international Airport near Rote Island.

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So to get to Rote Island, first order flight ticket to El Tari International Airport, Kupang, after that continue your trip by order another flight ticket from El Tari International Airport to D.C. (David Constantijn) Saudale Airport, Rote Island. ✈ The flight summary will be like: El Tari International Airport, Kupang -> D.C. (David Constantijn) Saudale Airport, Rote Island.

NOTE: Flights from Kupang international airport to Rote Island airport are available twice a day at 6:00 and 15:00 (GMT + 8) Time in Rote island ⏲ with Wings Airlines 🛩, while the flight duration is about 30 minutes. You can check it online in Google Flight.💡

If there are no flights from Kupang airport to the Rote Airport on the same day, then use ship transportation.. ⛴Here's the details.

Ship From Kupang to Rote Island 🛳

From El Tari International Airport, Kupang you can order TAXI 🚕 to Tenau Seaport ⚓ in Kupang, TAXI costs around IDR. 130,000 or A$. 13 .. By using TAXI it will take about 40 minutes ⏲.. What about transportation other than TAXI? Yes, public minibuses are available, but it's not recommend if you are a foreign tourist.🎎💃

NOTE: An advice when deciding to use the ferry is only before 08:00 AM. If it's past that time, it's better to stay around the airport to order flight tickets on another day.💡

After arrived at Tenau Seaport, order the ship ticket at the Counter of "EXPRESS BAHARI" 🛥 with route Tenau Seaport - Ba'a Seaport, Rote Ndao. The location of the ticket counter is inside Tenau Seaport and cannot booking by online or ordered in advance. The ticket price is about IDR.170,000 or AUD.17. While the shipping schedule is available EVERY DAY in the morning at 09.00 🕘 - 10.45 🕥 and in the afternoon at 14.00 🕑 - 15.45 🕞 and only available on Wednesday to Monday. on the ship to the Ba'a Seaport it will take around 5 hours.

NOTE: Although ferry or boat ship transportation is available to you, but the departure of the ship depends on the weather conditions in the ocean, so the best advice is to use a plane to get to Rote Island.💡

Hotel near D.C. (David Constantijn) Saudale Airport and Ba'a Seaport 🏨

When you looking for hotels and want to take vacations, the best advice is to stay at the hotel around the Nemberala beach 🏖, located in the village of Nemberala, Rote Barat sub-district, Rote Ndao district. It's about an hour from the DC Saudale and Ba'a Seaport. There are so many hotels that are close to tourist destinations on Nemberala beach Rote island.

What to Do in Rote Island 🤔🕴

Congratulations..🎆 And Welcome to Rote Island,🙌 the land of one thousand colors..🏝🏖 There are so many natural tourist destinations in the Rote Island, and has a list of the most famous tourist attractions in Rote Island Indonesia, you can see it in the link below.

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Enjoy yourself in an adventure in Rote Island 🏄🏊🏖🏜🏝

Additional Information

  • El Tari International Airport, located in Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara. Code: KOE.
  • D.C. David Constantijn Saudale Airport, located in Ba'a, Rote Ndao regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Code: RTI.
  • Tenau Seaport, located in Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara.
  • Ba'a Seaport, located in Ba'a, Lobalain, Rote Ndao Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.
  • Wing Airlines, is a scheduled commuter passenger low cost airline.
  • Ekspress Bahari is a fast ship operator company.


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