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Flower Field of Nuse Island Rote Indonesia

flower field nuse

Nusa Island - "A Gift from a Flower to a Garden." A piece of song lyrics from singer Donovan might best describe the Nuse Island, Rote Ndao (Rote Islands). This small island in the southwestern part of Rote Island is famous for travelers who love diving and snorkeling, because the water is clear and the wave is calm. But besides its beautiful waters, on the Nuse Island there is also a large flower field full of colors, yaps.

Flower Field Nuse Island

If in California there will be flower field of carlsbad near beach, so there is a flower field in Nuse Island, but the expanse of this flower field grows naturally in an island. During the dry season, the field will turn yellow with red from the remaining flowers, then during the rainy season, the flower fields will be green with purplish or pink red flowers.

Tourist Attractions Nuse Island

flower field nuse island
Imagine how nice it would be when you are on a beautiful island with amazing beaches and expanse of flower fields that will make you in a different world, especially with the waves that faint around, you will definitely feel a certain moment when you were a child. Another interesting thing about Nuse Island is its calm waves so that it provides its own comfort for those who want to dive or snorkel the sea around Nuse Island.

Access to Nuse Island

So when you visit the rote islands, then also come to Nuse Island, because this small island in the southwestern part of Rote Island is very easy to reach. For easy access to Nuse Island, you can rent the parahu motorbike from Tongga Beach, which is close to Nemberala beach.

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When along the way from Tongga Beach to Nuse Island you will also be presented with amazing underwater views, because the sea floor is not too deep and the sea water is clear so you will see fish swimming clearly.

flower field nuse island rote

Nuse Island Accommodation

Well ... because Nuse Island is a small island and is still very natural, so there are not yet luxury lodgings other than the homes of local residents around the Nuse Island, but that is the main attraction. Remember that when an island is not too have commercial program yet, the island will feel like a private island, it's means like Your Island ...

So please enjoy your holiday in Nuse Island, Rote.

Additional Information

  • Nuse Island is included in the Rote Barat Laut sub-district, Rote Ndao (Rote Islands) district, East Nusa Tenggara province.
  • Nuse Island is also famous for its citizens producing the best weaving, gold and silver craftsmen.
  • The Nuse Island is a inhabited island with a number of Nuse Island houses 113 houses and an area of 566 hectares


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