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Lets Visit Batu Termanu Rote Ndao Indonesia

Batu Termanu - When on the Rote Island, come to Batu Termanu, the atmosphere of a calm blue sea at the end of the horizon and the green trees and dry grass will spoil the eyes, then the scenery of the rock seems to erode naturally from a different angle which is very unusual. So Let's discuss the Batu Termanu from Natural Landscape, Access Location, Accommodation and tourist attractions.

Rote Island is the southernmost island in Indonesia that is directly opposite the Indian Ocean and close to Australia. One of the areas on the Rote Island, that is Rote Tengah, has a beach with a rocky landscape that is usually called Batu Termanu. Look at this picture.

termanu rote

Batu Termanu Access Location

The Batu Termanu location is to the east of Ba'a, the capital city of Rote Island or precisely in the village of Nusak, Rote Tengah sub-district, Rote Ndao Regency. If from Australia or another counteries then to get to this location we need to travel to the city of Kupang first, then after that drive to Tenau Harbor in about 30 minutes, and the ports have ships with various rates to cross you to Rote Island, precisely in the port of Ba'a. For detailed travel from the city of Kupang to Rote Island can be seen in the following article.
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For the duration of the voyage across the sea is around 2 hours, after arriving at Ba'a Port, continue the trip to Batu Termanu which is taken for 30 minutes, and Don't worry, because the transportation facilities there are quite complete.

Batu Termanu Accommodation

There are many choices of jasmine class hotels (under star class) but for resorts and starred hotels not available. One of the famous lodgings in the Termanu Batu area is Tiberias Hotel with a nightly rate of Rp. 200,000-350,000 which can be reached at the contact following Tiberias Hotel: +62811326499 or +6281331720518.

termanu rote

Batu Termanu Tourist Attractions

In Batu termanu we can climb the hill from the left side to get to the top of the hill, there will be great views of the beach and rock cliffs. This is a famous spot on the rocks. Whereas from the beach we can remove sand and see the corals that are naturally imprinted due to the sea water crash, then the land appears hilly, and when the dry season the grass will dry up but it does not make it hot because the trees are shady and available for shelter. .

At Batu Termanu beach we can also swim or snorkel because in the waters of Termanu there are many beautiful coral reefs with diverse fishes, so snorkeling is one of the regular activities in Batu Termanu besides the view of the Coral Reef. For the best snorkeling spots around Batu Hun. And finally look at the sunset view which is very beautiful.

Legend of Batu Termanu Rote

Batu Termanu consists of two stones, namely Batu Hun and Batu Su'a Lain. Batu Hun is located in the west, while Su'a Lain is in the east. These two stones are also called the Mbadar Stone or Batu Bapa la.

According to the legend of the surrounding community, Batu Hun is the incarnation of a man, Su'a Lain, is the manifestation of a woman, both of whom are close together and are a husband and wife.

Formerly these two stones were told as nomadic stones. As long as they are from Ti Mau (Amfoang). Then because of conflicts over inheritance problems they chose to wander. At first they wandered up to Ndao Island, but because the environment on the island was not harmonious, they were expelled from Ndao Island, and wandered to Lole, then there they beget a child named Nusa Lai, and circulated the story of the community that Nusa Lai is now became an island south of Lole.

After a long time there is a fight in the neighborhood at Lole. So they wandered again to Termanu and here they settled until now. It is said that once this Termanu Batu tourist destination was able to move around Rote Island until it stopped in its current place. Now Batu Termanu is the object of tourism on Rote Island.

So what are you waiting for, come to Batu Termanu in Central Rote, Rote Island. All natural attractions on Rote Island are still very natural, even the beach of Batu Termanu will feel like a private beach


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